Innovative resort management

We are a leading services provider for large-scale planned community leisure resorts, with an excellent portfolio of resort management projects and a proven track record of sustainable business models that maximize financial returns for investors.

Arum Group Head Office


Arum is unique in our industry in that we offer resort design, development, management and restructuring services for both leisure and residential components, providing true end-to-end solutions for our clients.

  • Leisure Resort Management & Restructuring

    Arum offers integrated resort management services, implementing best practices to make complex projects thrive. We are one of the only companies in Europe with experience managing and restructuring multiple large-scale leisure and luxury resorts.

  • Resort Real Estate Development & Design

    From initial feasibility and market studies through design and development of each resort component, Arum creates planned communities that work. We provide a sharp focus on masterplanning, product design and resort development.

  • Resort Real Estate Marketing & Property Sales

    Our team has sold over 5,000 homes in Spain and created communities that continue to attract residents. We go beyond property sales management and real estate marketing to match every potential owner with his dream home.

  • Resort Asset Management

    From hotel operator searches to timeshare management, Arum is versed in direct and oversight resort asset management of all types of tourism products. We value assets correctly and ensure that they perform optimally.


Arum has leveraged Spain's competitive advantage as a destination to create some of the most successful luxury resort communities in the world, as well as exportable resort management models and methodologies.