Residential real estate development

Residential real estate development is the backbone of a successful resort, and Arum works closely with clients to create self-sustaining communities that attract and retain visitors and residents.

With over 5,000 homes sold in Spain, we have a proven track record in property sales. Our innovative technology applies inbound marketing and communication techniques to match buyers to their perfect home.


As property developers, we know how to appeal to any target market and craft strategic plans around our clients’ objectives. We have a major presence in national and international promotion channels and a steady flow of partnership agreements with top international sales brokers.


Arum offers highly creative solutions for real estate component mixes, and we have an established system for managing tourism properties and designing holiday and ownership packages. Additionally, we work with a network of leading international tour operators in holiday apartment rentals.

Human Resources

From selecting, training, and managing local sales teams to developing marketing and owner relations departments, Arum is versed in finding the staff that will help you achieve exceptional sales. We commit to our clients’ businesses, accompanying them in event planning, community building, and customer service development.