Arum Group is a HubSpot Solutions Provider

Arum Group is committed to offering our clients the best tech tools for their projects, and one of the key ways we do so is by being a HubSpot Solutions Provider. This partner role certifies our expertise in adapting, configuring, and implementing the HubSpot platform for our projects, and we consider it a fundamental part of our management methodology.

HubSpot is an innovative, market-leading, and extremely powerful platform for managing all aspects of any business, from marketing to sales to service to operations. It offers a CRM and website building tools, but its highly flexible structure facilitates its adaptation to any organization or project.

Arum’s long experience with HubSpot has given us a framework for configuring HubSpot for real estate projects, both B2C and B2B, and made us an ideal HubSpot Solutions Provider for our industry. Our buyer personas and data properties are optimized for lead and sales segmentation and we have automated workflows tailored to common processes and needs specific to real estate and development projects.

There are dozens of reasons that we believe HubSpot is the best tool around which to organize sales and marketing tasks, and even operation strategy; below we enumerate just a few:

Inbound marketing

HubSpot is based on an inbound marketing philosophy, meaning that companies that use it for marketing aim to create valuable content for their target market. Blogs and web copy, direct mailings and landing pages can all be created from within HubSpot, and the platform’s SEO tools ensure that your content is optimized for search engines.

The Internet is overloaded with content; we all receive dozens of promotional emails every day. But an inbound marketing philosophy is based on the belief that if your content is good and your SEO strategy solid, your audience will find you through organic search, improving your conversion rates and quality leads over time, and giving your sales team a better pool of candidates with which to work.   


Too often, marketing and sales information is siloed, and both departments miss valuable data that could improve efficiency and conversion. But because HubSpot has both marketing and sales working off the same database of contacts, and enriching the contact data with new information as it’s acquired, communication is vastly improved without the need for extra meetings or reports.

Once the marketing department brings new contacts into the database, these contacts can be automatically segmented to help them along their customer journey and deliver the right messages to the right audiences based on their interests. Their webpage activity is tracked, as well as their interactions with newsletters, direct email, forms, and the sales team. Once contacts become opportunities, the sales team can do all their work from within the platform, making calls from a connected phone and sending emails connected to their Gmail or Outlook inboxes.


For companies that run ad campaigns or social media, the generated leads and accounts can be connected to HubSpot as well, eliminating the need to manually upload contacts from external sources. Depending on the level of HubSpot contracted, companies can do a large part of their social media planning and posting, and run their SEM campaigns, directly from HubSpot as well. HubSpot is crucial to our clients’ digital media strategy, giving us the data that helps us make decisions and changes quickly.

Zoom accounts can be connected to HubSpot so sales reps can use video meetings directly from the platform, and this is only one example of the dozens of other applications and platforms that can be integrated with HubSpot either directly or through a third-party application.


At the managerial level, there is instant access to all the information in the marketing, sales, and service databases, and these can be explored through the built-in report library or, again depending on the HubSpot subscription you have, through custom reports built to your business’s precise specifications.

Reports can be compiled into dashboards with the most relevant information for each department, and you can also gather statistics about your sales team’s activities and the potential prospects on the horizon. These reports can be emailed to relevant parties automatically and on a schedule, providing frequent updates that allow for more informed decisions. Above all its other benefits, ease-of-use takes top billing. The user interface is beautiful and intuitive, making it a pleasure to work with. Sales teams, in particular, will love the streamlined mobile app tailored to their needs. For these and many other reasons, HubSpot has become a cornerstone of our work whenever we take on a new client, and we’re proud to be a HubSpot Solutions Provider. The platform, and our specific adaptations for the sector, are another example of Arum Group’s continued commitment to real estate innovation.