What will golf of the future be like?

Under the umbrella of the AECG and the Arum Group, leading international golf experts reflect on the new trends which will help to make the golf business grow

What will the golf of the future be like? How will the relationships between the courses and their users change after the pandemic? Is it time to seek new markets and establish less formal models in the etiquette and regulations of clubs and courses? What will be the trends in new construction? To what extent will the visible commitment to sustainability and the environment be decisive? How will social media networks influence the success of each product in the future?

The webinar “Exploring the world of Golf” will take place on March 24 and will examine these topics. A meeting organized by Arum Group and the Spanish Association of Golf Courses (AECG), which will bring together highly prestigious international experts to reflect on how the world of golf will change as a result of the transformations that will take place after the pandemic.

The debate, which will be presented by Jesús Abellán, CEO of Arum Group, and moderated by Brendan Breen, the director of Abama Golf in Tenerife and will bring together experts such as Jeremy Slessor, head of European Golf Design, who warns that golf courses need to innovate in their business conception so that in the medium term they can maintain the ‘boom’ on the courses that will bring thousands of players (both returning and new) to this sport. Joining him will be Elisa Gaudet, founder of Executive Golf International and Women’s Golf Day, a great connoisseur of the world of golf in the United States, a country that has always been at the forefront when it comes to the diversity of business models in the sector.

The managing director of the legendary Valderrama course, Javier Reviriego, will speak about the design of golf courses and new trends in the sector, and regarding new trends and online life of this sport, the CEO of the golf social media All Square, Patrick Rahme will also be joining us. A golfer and traveller who has experienced well known golf courses and resorts of this sport around the world.

The webinar also intends to explore issues such as the impact that hosting international tournaments has for a golf course, how new audiences can be attracted to the courses (mainly the female segment), the profitability for engaging in environmental sustainability for the golf course. Aspects that undoubtedly interest the owners of resorts and golf courses throughout Europe, who are currently living in the expectation that with the vaccination throughout the world will once again begin the movement of the majority of golfing travellers.

The webinar ‘Exploring the future of golf’ will be held in English and is the second online event resulting from the collaboration between AECG and Arum Group. The previous one dealt with the future of golf resorts was held on the 14th January.

Those interested in joining the webinar (which is free) should sign up by clicking the following link: