Arum presents its flagship projects at the Premium Real Estate Summit

Arum Group was invited to speak at the first edition of the Premium Real Estate Summit, an event dedicated to analyzing the luxury real estate market in Spain. On November 29th, the All in One auditorium of Caixabank in Madrid hosted 225 attendees for a day that affirmed this is an opportune time to make important investments in real rstate.

According to the data provided during the event, in the last year more than 8,000 transactions have been carried out in the luxury real estate market in Spain, with the province of Malaga leading the way. Judith Montoriol, Lead Economist in the Spanish Economy department of CaixaBank, offered a rather optimistic view, stating that in 2025 the market will enter an expansionary phase and Spain will establish itself as one of the preferred destinations for foreign investment. In fact, it’s already positioned among the top four in the world thanks to its security, culture, gastronomy and quality of life.

The possibility of offering premium hotel services in Branded Residences and the importance of implementing concrete sustainability strategies in new real estate projects were two of the topics that also captured the audience’s attention thanks to their great potential as areas of innovation.

Case studies

As an expert in the planning and management of large-scale resorts, Arum Group was offered space within the program to present its success stories: Abama Resort Tenerife and La Manga Club Properties. Elodie Casola Dunkin, our Marketing and Communications Director, explained that 20 years ago Abama Resort Tenerife became a pioneer in an area that had no luxury tourism infrastructure. At that time, its developers were driven by the potential of this enclave and forged ahead, eventually turning it into a benchmark for the island’s tourism and real estate sector.

During her presentation, Casola stressed the importance of creating experiences that showcase the destination and its resources, supporting the environment, the population and local activities, as well as seeking the unique claims that define the brand. In Abama Resort Tenerife, sensory marketing has been a new innovation over the past two years, and we have created two products: the Sounds of Abama, featuring playlists that define the auditory experience of the resort; and an exclusive fragrance that visitors can carry away with them, evoking memories and the sensory feeling of being at Abama no matter where they are.

Signature architecture and stylish interiors are crucial to Abama’s personality, as well as other experiences like fine dining. The resort currently has 15 restaurants, two of them holding Michelin Stars, with three more establishments in the pipeline. The latter will expand the offer of the 14€ million Plaza Abama project, conceived as a social hub with a variety of services.

La Manga Club Properties was also put forth as a case study at the Premium Real Estate Summit. The resort, backed by over 50 years and a consolidated residential community, has experienced an extraordinary boost thanks to the opening of the first Grand Hyatt hotel in Spain on its premises. This has spurred an appreciation of existing properties and supported the launch of two new projects: the Las Orquídeas apartments and the Las Acacias villas. In addition, the brand’s status as a world-class sport resort has been reinforced, thanks too to its privileged natural environment and private access to the beach.

Casola also participated in the “New trends in luxury” roundtable, a discussion with representatives of the companies Luxury Advise and Wires, in which we predicted the challenges the sector will face over the coming years, given customers eager to find unique destinations and transcendent experiences that allow them to take a step back from the day-to-day.