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This was our Webinar: Hotel Operators’ Iberian Challenge

This event was an exclusive window into the development strategies in Spain and Portugal of three of the world’s leading hotel brands in a different context than we have seen so far.
The pandemic has created major disruptions in the industry, including the operational challenges we have all seen since the beginning of 2020. But in 2021, its aftermath is also proving to generate unprecedented opportunities in the Iberian markets, traditionally a complicated point of entry.
Join us as top development executives from Accor, Hyatt, and Marriott relate their current experiences and offer insights into the following questions, among others:
Are there fundamental legal differences within the Iberian Peninsula that lead to distinct or unique financing or deal structures?
Has there been a difference in the approaches of owners/investors in pursuing new development and/or acquisitions pre- vs. post-Covid?
How active are lenders? Are they open to new-builds or focused on existing hotels?
What kind of owner is the most active in your interactions?
What kind of returns expectations from owners/investors are you seeing?
Should investors buy or build in the current market? Why?
What are the top 3 attributes that you look for in an owner of one of your hotels?
We were fortunate to have Wilke See-Tho as moderator of the webinar. He is the CEO of qverum and former development executive at Four Seasons.

Download the recording of the event if you missed it live: