Integrated resort management services

With over two decades of experience designing and managing large-scale planned leisure communities, Arum is uniquely positioned to address any resort management issue via its integral or bespoke services.


Arum offers our clients transverse services that include restructuring and management of resort projects; real estate design and development, and property sales and marketing. We focus on leveraging our projects' unique environments and facilities to create one-of-a-kind, profitable leisure resort communities.

  • Leisure Resort Management & Restructuring

    Arum’s projects combine a strong leisure component with lodging and residential elements, resulting in innovative places where people live, play and enjoy, based on a sustainable business model that maximizes financial returns for investors. Our resort management approach is characterised by experience, creativity and control. We have an intimate understanding of every aspect of these resorts’ very complex businesses and budgets, and we match that knowledge with incredible financial discipline. This has enabled Arum to develop effective resort management structures, but also to restructure rapidly and successfully when needed. Our specialised departments offer innovative financial and legal solutions to our clients.

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  • Resort Real Estate Development & Design

    Real estate is the backbone of a successful resort, and Arum works closely with clients to develop self-sustaining communities that attract and retain visitors and residents.

    Master planning and definition of land use

    For large and small projects alike, master planning is the value creation process that makes a resort real estate development project financially viable. Its objective is to optimize value creation within each resort component so as to optimize value creation throughout the whole. Projects must be segmented in such a way that they are both executable and profitable, and the various components developed in a logical order.

    Product design

    Product design comprises the component mix of a resort, and also the optimal product typology for each resort component, whether a hotel (condo hotels, residences, serviced apartments and fractionals); residential (single-family and all types of multi-family homes); or leisure real estate component (golf, tennis, football, spas, pools, etc.).

    Resort Development

    Once the master planning and product design are complete, the resort real estate development process begins. We focus on budgeting, conceptual design and construction management, affording maximum value to the land at our disposal.

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    Abama Resort Real Estate Development
  • Resort Real Estate Marketing & Property Sales

    Property Sales

    With a portfolio of over 5,000 homes sold in Spain, Arum brings a fresh perspective to property selling. We have our own innovative technology that applies consumer marketing and communication techniques to real estate sales. Arum leads distribution channels both nationally and internationally and has a steady flow of partnership agreements with top-level international sales brokers.

    Over the last 15 years we have selected and trained an international sales force with a presence in the main markets. In addition, we select, train and lead local property sales teams to achieve exceptional sales quotas.

    In the rental market, Arum offers our clients our proprietary technology for managing holiday lets to ensure maximum revenue from their property assets. We design packages that combine holiday and leisure activities according to the project and our clients’ needs. Additionally, we work with a network of leading international tour operators in holiday apartment rentals.

    Resort Real Estate Marketing

    Arum’s resort real estate marketing department is responsible for much more than communications and public relations: our aim is to match each customer with the property that best suits him. Rather than offering one type of product, we showcase the range of unique homes in our resorts, each designed to be someone’s perfect place.

    We are also tasked with the creation and maintenance of our communities. Arum’s resorts are not a collection of houses; they are thriving neighbourhoods full of activity, and a destination in themselves. We take great care of our owners, making sure that each visit is a homecoming. From golf tournaments to galas to casual events, there are ample opportunities to meet and interact with neighbours. It is the constant buzz of life that separates an Arum resort from the rest.

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    Abama Resort Real Estate Marketing
  • Resort Asset Management

    The objectives of resort asset management are to understand your products, value them correctly and assure that they perform in line with their value. Arum has extensive experience in both direct resort asset management and oversight asset management. Our direct management consists of an analysis and reporting process that benchmarks each component of a product against international standards. We optimize performance and costs to ensure the most profitable results.

    Our oversight resort asset management assures that operators are maximizing profits in line with the value of the assets. We examine management practices, review budgets and decisionmaking, and ensure that there is an internal auditing mechanism in place.

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