Experts in resort management & development

Arum's professionals are specifically recruited for their specialized international experience in fields relevant to large-scale planned resort leisure communities. Together, they comprise a team unmatched in its resort management expertise.

Resort Management for La Manga Club

Experience, knowledge and a proven track record

We get the best results by applying our skills and industry experience, and adapting to the demands of each individual resort management project.

Our background

Design, development, management and restructuring of planned resort communities remain some of the most complex fields in the real estate industry, requiring a specialized and expert hand to manage their hundreds of relevant components. The successful alignment of these components is what elevates a planned leisure resort community from a collection of houses and facilities to a destination with a soul, a place that enriches the lives of its visitors and residents through new experiences and perspectives.

Arum’s founder, Jordi Robinat, is one of the few international experts with true breadth of experience in the development and management of large-scale planned resort communities. His entrée into the tourism and travel sector was the successful restructuring, management, and subsequent resale of the Palace and Ritz hotels in Madrid in the 1980s. He moved on to manage Giga Hotels and the aviation company Meridiana, both tied to Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, providing an introduction into the inner workings of the leisure resort world.

When he branched out on his own at the beginning of the 1990s to create the company Med Resorts, Mr. Robinat’s first project was the land purchase and end-to-end development of the Aigüesverds residential community in Reus, Catalonia, featuring 600 homes and a golf course. During this period he also executed the master planning of the Veneguera resort in Gran Canaria, developed by Unión and El Fénix-Banesto, and led Catalonia’s first conversion of a hotel into a condo hotel, the Hotel Boix.

An important expansion into the industry followed, with the founding of the new Medgroup conglomerate. Projects included the purchase, development, management and restructuring of several important resorts, including La Manga Club, Fuentes de Almuñecar, the Dolce Hotel in Sitges, Bonmont, Playa Macenas, Eldorado and El Solell, as well as the design and construction of 16 hotels. It is this extensive experience in a variety of large-scale resort communities that today positions Arum, Medgroup’s successor, as a uniquely qualified resort management company.

It is our extensive experience in a variety of large-scale resort communities that today positions Arum, Medgroup's successor, as a uniquely qualified resort management company.

Our core values


We believe human capital is our company’s principal asset. We seek resort management professionals who are not only committed to Arum and our clients’ interests, but most importantly, technically excellent.


Creating a financially successful leisure resort community without extensive experience in the field, and without a deep understanding of the particular project’s requirements, is impossible. Our team’s broad range of resort management skills is brought to bear on every project we undertake.


Ideas and innovation provide the impetus for positive outcomes. We apply creativity in all facets of our work, thinking outside the box and believing that any situation can be tackled “differently”. Everything we do is done with effort and dedication, the true drivers of success.


Our clients form the fundamental core of our activity. Our commitment breaks down traditional provider/customer barriers and clients’ challenges and successes become our own.